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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can using BESTBOARD for a long period of time cause harm to the human eye?

Human eyes can only respond to changes below 50Hz. Any light seen at the frequency below 50Hz will be easily caught by human eyes that actually alter themselves incessantly to achieve such a goal. This will eventually occasion eyes muscle fatigue. The LCD panel built-in BESTBOARD operates only at 60Hz and 120Hz frequency which is beyond the sensing range of human eyes and, in comparison with other products in the market, will dramatically minimize any possible harm to human eyes.

It is found that the housing becomes very hot after being used for a period of time, is this considered standard incident? Any negative impact?

This is considered standard incident as with a home TV set. No negative impact shall be introduced. All products pass thermal test at development phase, and are compliant to national safety regulation.

There are only limited active pens found in the packing as standard accessory. In case they become part of some lost property, what can be used as the substitute?

If the active pens are no longer working or have been lost, users can still trigger the P-Cap touch by their finger tips. In the mean time, all users are welcome to order active pens from our official web-site or contact their direct sales representative for additional assistance.

Touch function does not work when a laptop is connected externally.

To attach an external laptop or PC, in additional to connecting display signal via VGA or HDMI port, please ensure USB cable is present between the USB port of laptop or PC, as well as the TOUCH USB port on BESTBOARD.

Audio function does not work when a laptop is connected externally´╝č

VGA port does not carry audio signal. If VGA port is the display signal on the external laptop, please ensure to add audio cable between laptop and BESTBOARD. In case of HDMI, no such audio cable is needed as audio signal has been covered by HDMI pin-out.

Multi-touch function does not work on some products.

In case of Windows-XP, no multi-touch is available. As to Windows-7, multi-touch is only supported by Windows-7 Home Premium or above, both on external PC and OPS. There are totally 6 Windows-7 versions for client devices, such as Windows Starter, Windows-7 Home Basic, Windows-7 Home Premium, Windows-7 Professional, Windows-7 Enterprise, and Windows-7 Ultimate, etc.

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